Current Sheenland events: warlock news

Some guesses what Charlie Sheen might be called on whatever his homeworld is:

Toydarian: Quarli

Bolian: Harlian Chaen

Bith: Chal Cheene

Protoss: Kharlishaan

Sebacean: Charli Cheena

Andorian: Tharlin Sheen

Mon Calamari: Chalyar Chern

Joined Trill: Jali Jeen

Duros/Neimoidian: Challi  Zhaan

By request of Evan

And now for something completely alien:

Terry Jones as a Bith: Teri Jones

Carol Cleveland as a Human: Corla Landcleaver

Terry Gilliam as a Jawa: Tari Delenk

Eric Idle as a Nosaurian: Clic Idlesong

Graham Chapman as a Rodian:  Gaharmm Chapkar

Michael Palin as a Zabrak: Michell Palin

Neil Innes as a Human:  Sil Innis

John Cleese as a Trandoshan: Cillise

However, John Cleese is really a Muun called: Chon Leas