Last post before STO headstart

Bajoran name samples.

Female: Dorin Jekas, Ris Epena, Notie Len, Tiran Lagran, Herina Atomi

Male: Zorama Molinn, Senal Kilus, Yarka Trypohl, Mullimuttay Rin, Valar Peermat

Please note that in Bajoran names the family name goes first, then the given name.

11 hours till STO headstart

Some Andorian name samples, starship names available, too. Why not make your ship in Star Trek Online an Andorian one? Warp like an Andorian!

Female: Sharieieela Sannev, Landa Naazn, Tira Terev, Ryraev Hathron

Male: Ashal Thartra, Shetoris Pey, Galian Shendehor, Lilath Roor

Starship names: Thalas, Kal’onir, Shavan, Amka’ron

STO release coming up

With the release of Star Trek Online coming up, I thought I’d concentrate on posting Star Tech species name samples for the next few days before tackling the other universes.

Today: Trill name samples

Female: Kell Eren, Lamria Idanhal, Olet Du, Kehdza Tilven

Male: Taleezer Bama, Perjon Jev, Fereeyin Lis, Rantin Kiral

Note that a minority of the humanoid Trill population lives in symbiosis with Trill symbionts. If a Trill host is selected to be joined with a Trill symbiont, their family name is replaced by the symbiont’s name. Some symbiont name samples:

 Kuhr, Anoutus, Varh, Anala

Exonomastics blog kicked off

The purpose of this blog is to provide puny humans with alien names for their roleplaying or gaming purposes or whatever human beings are up to.

If you, the puny human reader, would like randomly generated names from a specific species, feel free to to leave a comment stating what species and sex you’d like the names to be, so I can fire up my miraculous space-age name generators and post the results for your query.

Alternatively, I can turn any given name into a similar-sounding alien name. For this, just state the name you need alienated and, of course, species and sex.

In the following posts, I will provide sample names for various aliens. You can check the categories on the left for posts involving specific species. The subpages, top left, provide lists of the available species sorted according to universe.