New name generator: Quarian

Female: Faki’Shazah nar Eemea, Ya’Del nar Bova, Lea’Foris vas Aktannay

Male: Hilor’Vannis vas Upanni, Kol’Xirel nar Dinbi, Hann’Sharl nar Doray

36 thoughts on “New name generator: Quarian

  1. My name is “Christian Csernyik”
    I live in town “Nyíregyháza” (I think it is important for a quarian), and I will move to town “Debrecen”

    Thanks for your time! 🙂

  2. Please note that I’m away from my whiz-bang alien name generator machine right now, so it’ll take a little time before your names will be posted at ‘Startseite’.

  3. can i have my name as a quarian and a few female quarian names i need it for a fanfic.

  4. May I have my name turned into a female Quarian and Asari name. Please and thank you.

  5. Can I have an Asari and Female Turian name?
    Along with a Bosmer, and Khajiit.
    As well as a Twi’lek name.
    Please! xD

  6. I’ve recently posted some Khajiit names for one Eddie Brown. Maybe you’d like to look at some of those under “Startseite”. Also, I’ll post some more there.

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