By request of Evan

And now for something completely alien:

Terry Jones as a Bith: Teri Jones

Carol Cleveland as a Human: Corla Landcleaver

Terry Gilliam as a Jawa: Tari Delenk

Eric Idle as a Nosaurian: Clic Idlesong

Graham Chapman as a Rodian:  Gaharmm Chapkar

Michael Palin as a Zabrak: Michell Palin

Neil Innes as a Human:  Sil Innis

John Cleese as a Trandoshan: Cillise

However, John Cleese is really a Muun called: Chon Leas

3 thoughts on “By request of Evan

  1. Very good! Very good! You’re wicky! Wicky! Know what I mean? Know what I mean?

    Nudge nudge! Nudge nudge!

    Say no more!

  2. hey i need a zabrak and chiss male name from my name “Brian Appleton”
    please could you email me it so that it isnt stolen

  3. Sorry, Brian, no emailing names. But I’ll post your names here so they won’t appear at the main page.

    Brian Appleton:

    Zabrak: Bian Alton

    Chiss: Brandalon

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