Orion name samples

Female: Nesh Man, Girha, Trasnaine, D’Reavta

Male: Harromad, Ter, Zaminhon, Galrisan

3 thoughts on “Orion name samples

  1. I’m dressing up as an Orion with red hair in a command position at Starfleet for Halloween, I would really appreciate it if you could give me a nice Orion name?
    Maybe even a name for the Starship I serve on?
    Thanks a bunch,
    Katie Hanks

    P.S. Could you also show how to pronounce the name? Because I have no idea how to say Trasnaine (Tras-nay-ine? or Tras-nai-nee? No idea.)

  2. Tras-nay-INE sounds good to me. Most Starfleet ships are named for mythological themes or characters, sea-faring ships from Earth or places.

    I’ve posted some Orion names for you at ‘Startseite’.

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