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Look around the site and take any name you like – and feel free to mix and match while you’re at it. Please note, however, that names from posts titled ‚By request of‘ are custom jobs that people might want to be unique to them, for example for use in their MMORPG account or the like.

Or get your personal alien name

Visit our Facebook page and make a request to get alien names from any available alien species you want or have your name turned into an alien name. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can also leave a comment on any post in this blog (please note that you don’t have to specify your email or website). Your name or names will then be posted under ‚Home‘.

51 thoughts on “How this works

  1. Hi

    I would like to request a name generation for Leonard Lindeboom as any Mass Effect race, please.

    Thank you.


  2. Looking for some ideas for a first name for a Male Mirialan a la Star Wars. Only spec I’ve got is that I’d like a double r in there somewhere if possible, thanks!

    • Hey…

      I want to request a name generation for Joshua Prillwitz as a turian male (if you can, would also like a random name for a female turian).


  3. Hi id like to leave the name Laurence Adorni to be converted to any Mass effect species (both male and female) Thanks

  4. Could I get female Sylvari, Argonian, Asari, and Quarian names for Andrea Scowen and Lucia Scowen? Thank you very much!

  5. I would like Asari and Sylvari names for Hikari Oblivion (male and female) and Sayoko Elysia (just female), please – thanks!

  6. Hi! I would like to request female Trill name generations for the name Victorya. Both unjoined and joined, with surnames that begin with the letters „Ma“. Thank you!

    Also, if you could try create a female Nausicaan version of the name Tabatha. That would be really awesome!
    (I’m not sure if Nausicaans have last names, but if they do, I would like versions of Aubeny or something that starts with „Ma“.)

    You are so awesome!

  7. I love this site!
    Could you please give me some Na’vi (Avatar, obviously) names for both male and female?
    Thanks. :-3

    • I am charmed by your human warmth, human. If you see a twinkle in the night, it might very well be excess gratitude radiation vented from the excess gratitude radiation dump vent on my spacecraft silently circling your planet.

  8. Hi admin. I’m back. 🙂
    Can I have the name Anderille Öerdenberg translated into Bajoran, Cardassian, Star wars human, and elf.
    Also can you do Nuren Müne in the above species for my friend?
    Thanks a bunch.

  9. Hi admin. Would it be possible to create some Hylian names (Legend of Zelda). If you can, thanks, if not, thanks anyway. You’re awesome.

  10. Could I get Joseph Price, Donnie Wong, William Sharp, Claudia Black and Donahue as Star Wars human names, please?

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