Twi’lek name samples

Although their clan names and given names traditionally were amalgamated, most Twi’leks use split variants of their names conforming with off-world naming conventions.

Female: Fylyn Arka Se, Mela Dalse, Grerri Shab, Joomi Lubundra, Tenra Loreen

Male: Hela Tirallo, Nawela Luur Dira, Teff Data, Keesron Mores, Darn Kulla

Sullustan name samples

Fun fact about the Sullustans: by a cosmic coincidence their language is identical to the Earther tongue Haya.

Female: Lub Squnn, Jawn Rur, Klipi Jeln, Osala Chiisebbieck, Noon Swaub

Male: Bobro Plabbon, Dyub Akkerad, Mua Muquaan, Sora Miuv, Jian Ruub

Jawa names

I’ve been neglecting the Star Whiz portion of this page during the launch of Star Trek Online, even though I actually have many more Star Whiz name generators than Star Tech ones. So: more mighty midget races for you – today: Jawas.

Female: Kavalb Kiasak, Minan Sa, Mavek Ncha

Male: Nano Jikcha, Jizja Naa, Frub Uktik