By request of Evan

Cardassian based on Rick Jones: Rit Janar

Random Cardassian female: Rekisha Vessol, Lialen Dajek, Ilara Manal

Trill first name based on Victoria: Vidria

Random Trill family names: Kerev, Riden

Random Trill symbiont names: Jexen, Del

Random male unjoined Trill name: Vedzin Trok, Gras Feyil

Random male joined Trill name: Rareeyic Kuhr, Dilul Icax

Random male Klingon name: Growra, K’Ror, Zototh

Furries’ fretting finally fruitful

The Star Trek Online crowd got playable Caitians yesterday, thanks to the tenacious griefing of all those brave furry-lovers. Today, I’d like to honor their cause by posting some more Caitian names (Caitian names are unisex).

Noline M’Rraow, Kebolan K’Sor, Seraa M’Risse, Itorran Hsarr, Dynrava C’Nenth

New name generator: Givin

Male names available.

Keggong Nular, Sleslila Lurr, Jarsoothan Ullire, Norsil Oafon

And, on an unrelated note: my internets are broke. Some pages won’t load, no matter what browser or PC I’m trying. Maybe somebody who reads this knows what that is about and can help? Please? This fucking thing has me looking like this –>