Dunmer Farbe 1Female: Ibrynza Enil, Sisa Iran, Merasi Seryan, Irasea Indarys, Aloni Nandas

Male: Meldryn Devi, Dendus Satherar, Evan Ielendil, Elyne Hsalas, Ralvar Duvadrel

2 thoughts on “Dunmer

  1. OK, this request might be a bit out of left field, but… do you have any Voth names? They’d go under the Star Tech category. They’re a race that first showed up in VOY, but they’ve also appeared in STO. And everyone gets a chance for a Voth Bridge Officer late in the story. Male only, so we only need male names, but I think it’d be good to have some options here as opposed to STO’s Random Generator.

    Any names you can provide would be welcomed. 😀

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