By request of Tommy Rynalds

Tommy Rynalds as a Krogan name: Reyrnal Tome

Random Krogan names: Navanar Udong, Aquash Gant

Tommy Rynalds as an Asari name: Tonya Wynas

Random Asari name: Laderia Tashor, Edira T’Noni

Tommy Rynalds as a male Quarian name: Komma’Rinel nar Yoba (random ship name added)

Random male Quarian names: Vamm’Hadda nar Lokshi, Ypran’Rekka vas Iyeemi

Tommy Rynalds as a female Quarian name: Tami’Rinel vas Setura (random ship name added)

Random female Quarian names: Eyale’Geizhah nar Adenni, Yei’Nazah vas Leslay¬†

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