By request of ZERO Hammer

Here are your names for the species available:

Asari: Shenena Dashiph

Krogan male: Rordar Kurg

Quarian female: Tea’Malel vas Navi

Quarian male: Preet’Zekk nar Ofra

Salarian male: Anteoth

Turian male: Sogrillax Kartin

Check the tags below for a greater selection.

5 thoughts on “By request of ZERO Hammer

  1. Not sure if this is the right place to post but if possible I would like Alex Grier generated into an alien name for each mass effect species. Also a random name for each species would be helpful too. thank you.

  2. Hi… I’ll give this a shot, it seems fun! Could you please generate the name Jessica (I’m leaving the surname blank, hope it’s not a problem) into a female alien name for each species of mass effect and for female twi’leks?Thank you so much!

  3. Actually, scrap that, I’ll give you a full name. It’s Jessica Sharpfangs. Thanks again!

  4. Any chance anyone could turn the name edgeedeaus into a male quarian name and a cool alias for a drell assassin.

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