By request of Nasama rai

Nasama rai as a female alien name:

Dathomiri: Masama Rai

Twi’lek: Masana Eirr

Dragon Age Elf: Nasanna

Gran: Naasam Raa

Laresa as a female alien name:

Elf: Lasera

Vulcan: L’Resa

Hyborian Barbarian: Ralesa

Orion: Larea

The other requests:

Random female Kel Dor: Tinn Oorn, Tlu Pass, Ilea Dill

Random male Kel Dor: Plugo Uunor, Yon Dersse, Slok Ma’aan

Random female Quarian: Shamo’Shaanah nar Leli, Ifan’Han nar Anenba, Lam’Gera nar Yeslay

Random male Quarian: Zeetor’Garlar nar Tara, Preet’Rena vas Tanniad, Kaalo’Jinnat nar Apera

And that’s quite enough for now.

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