By request of Al Lahn

Alien versions of ‘Alan’ (male):

Andorian:  Nilari Alan (I added a random male first name.)

Klingon: Altan

Reman: Anzak

Romulan: Edik Alian (Again, I added a first name.)

Jem’Hadar: Ya’Alan

Talaxian: Axilan

Efrosian: Tlan Ayala

Cardassian: Droshep Alon (First name added.)

Hirogen: Aran

Ferengi: Arlon

Vulcan: Alak

2 thoughts on “By request of Al Lahn

  1. Cardassian Male – Rick Jones
    Trill Female – Victoria
    Klingon/Trill Male – random
    Cardassian Female – random

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